Since the 1800s, physicists have been doing research on the effect of sound on the brain and the states of consciousness. In 1839, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove found that providing two slightly different tone frequencies, one in each ear, were perceived as a third phantom frequency depicted by the difference of these two frequencies, which w

Cris Van Cleemput is a corporate consultant, trainer, and speaker. He is fuelled by a need to help others grow; driven by the view that transformational education empowers people to become the best version of themselves. He has seen that a person can realize their fullest potential when they’re in a state of growth and […]

Ginette is a Founder of CYRES Center. She has a Masters in Business Management. For 15 years, Ginette has been contracted from CYRES as a Project Lead.  This is a service that CYRES offers, in-the-field guidance on projects, specializing in creating uplifting team spirit and successfully managing any change process where critical mil