Tools to increase resilience and energy levels

In times where external stability, economical stability, geopolitical stability, business stability, personal finances all become more volatile than ever before, it is key to increase our internal personal stability to be able to navigate in and weather all kinds of storms.

We need to become individual pillars of strength and stability, as a beacon for our environment in business and as a family member.  Resilience and Personal Mastery is the science on how to measure and build that strength.

Hard times create strong men.  Strong men create good times.  Good times create weak men.  Weak men create hard times.  And so the cycle repeats.  G. Michael Hopf, “Those who remain”

Often in literature there is a confusion between different terminology that is used to talk about resilience.  Mental Toughness and Personal Mastery are equally used for this purpose.  There is however a significant difference between those 3 descriptors.  Resilience is essentially the capacity to get back up again, after being struck down.  This is the reactive capacity to veer back up again.  Mental Toughness on the other hand is about actively looking for challenges to grow and come out of your comfortzone, with makes it a proactive trait.  Personal Mastery, the 3rd descriptor, is also about your capacity to effectively and harmoniously connect to your environment.  Because after all, without a team you don’t get far.

Since we live in interesting times, personal resilience is more than ever an important skill to develop.

Scientific studies show that resilience is already being developed at a very young age, in the childhood years, the first 7 to 12 years.

Over protective education or upbringing hinders the development of resilience and creates weaker individuals.  It is only by introducing challenges at young age and how an individual deals with it that builds strong individuals ready for the real world.

A good balance between nurturing / appreciation and challenges is the key to a balanced and strong individual.  We should never make the mistake that we want to spare our children from challenges that we had to face to have them experience a better life. A very easy life might not be in their best interest long term for themselves and the relationships they will have lateron in life.

Making a difference where it matters

We all have 24 hours in a day to create the world and environment that we want to live in.  Although time is for everyone the same, some are able to create hugely compared to others.  Why is that?  The main reason is that those people have a huge focus on what they do with their energy.  They do not squander their energy, but only focus on situations where they have an impact on and where they feel they can make a change.  On average those people have a limited amount of projects that they focus on and they only interact with people, spend time with them if those interactions contribute to their projects.  So their whole life is intention and purpose driven.

Focussing on projects where you feel you can make a difference and where you have impact on immediately starts to shift your energy levels.  One of the biggest losses of energy is attributed to the focus on negativity in your environment and the world and on topics that you cannot control or change.  We are inundated by media with focuses on negativity, makes you feel desperate and frustrated.  We swim in a world of emotions that are very low energy.  It takes a conscious choice and deliberate focus to exclude those low energies areas in our life, without becoming oblivious to what is going on in the world. But whenever you have to choose between being oblivious and energised, or being in the known and low energy, choose the first one.

Your Personal Mastery Dashboard

The Personal Mastery Dashboard is a unique tool to assess and develop your levels of personal resilience. It is a combination of an extensive questionnaire and biometrics that measure your brainwaves to determine the level of worry stress that one has.  We also measure specific parameters in the heart that give us a clear indication of a person’s physical resilience.  The combination of the biometric information and the questionnaire gives a complete overview of your current state and the suggestions to improve on that.  The beauty of biometrics is that the body never lies and reveals information to us that we are not always consciously aware of.