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Cyres is our trusted partner to train all our consultants in various domains such as project management, communication, customer focus and presentation skills. Cris and Ginette not only master the different subjects but are also passionate to transfer their knowledge in an engaging and interactive way and with a lot of attention to our specific target audience. Cyres also regularly advises us about our training programs and coaching approach. It is always very inspiring to exchange ideas with them and to draw on their vast experience. I can summarize Cyres as highly professional, inspiring, high quality and very pleasant to work with!
Raf Seymus
Raf Seymus, Founder Exellys
I work for Sirris, the Center for Technological Innovations in Belgium. We wanted to harmonize the way we work in our organization. We wanted to improve the DNA of how we collaborate with each other. All this part of a larger change process. On recommendation from Cris, we introduced Job Cards in the organization. Under guidance of Cris, with a group of key people we established a constructive and cooperative platform around this. As one of our employees at the time summarized, "This is one of the most fruitful meetings we ever had in the organization between the different business units of Sirris". We were able to establish this, thanks to Cris's no-nonsense approach, and because of his empathic abilities (Cris is also an Engineer, as is 80% of our organization). Cris's top qualities are: Personable, Excellent Value, and High Integrity.
Hans Vercammen
Hans Vercammen, BU Manager Sirris
Instead of pretending to be - I am. Instead of acting as if - I really live: success and self empowerment. Deep from within myself. No longer waiting for the moment to receive. Thanks to Cris, I have a set of tools I can use wherever I am, independent from Cris. With this set of tools and techniques, I activate something that is deep within me and strong. And that makes working with Cris unique. Working with Cris is a thorough and daring way to change and achieve goals, fast, and effectively. You can wait with the crowd until you receive success by the will of fate. You can pretend to be successful. Or you can work with Cris and learn to use your tailor-made set of tools to take control of your life and be the driving power. Cris delivers outstanding results.
Brigitte Spiering
Brigitte Spiering, Director Salt
Tell us about the Coach who changed your life. "With our magazine we looked for how to become a 'better Goedele'. When I started thinking about that, I felt knocked out for a whole week. I made a personal inventory. What is important to me? What do I want myself? I looked for, found and work with a coach in Antwerp, a civil engineer specialised in Biofeedback. This is no classical therapy where you talk about your past experiences. I am not an engineer, like my coach is, but as a psychologist and sexologist, I know that what happens in the brain is a matter of electrical and magnetic waves. You can influence your brain hemispheres, change behavioural patterns and change. This is not hocus pocus. This is technology measuring what's going on."
Goedele Liekens
Goedele Liekens, Belgian Goodwill UN Ambassador
Working with Cris, beyond the pleasure of meeting with a man who has prodigious listening skills, is to get a new view on life. With Cris I have not only improved, but I also changed the way I think about the meaning of my life. In my new perception of life, I have acquired, next to a certain serenity, more optimism and joy. The new way of managing my thoughts and my energy and deeply enjoying life has had an extremely positive impact on every area of my life, my close family, and, especially my children. In fact, I'm able to help my teenagers to have confidence in themselves. My relationships with my friends have also become much more profound. For me to meet Cris was a real opportunity that life presented to me. Working with him has given me a lot of confidence because I know now how to successfully transform what I considered failures before!
Nathalie Denonin
Nathalie Denonin, Finance DIrector Veolia
For more than 10 years I have developed an intense cooperation with Cris & Cyres. We have worked together on different projects: Developing Communication, Interpersonal and Leadership Skills at different levels of the organisation, improving Project Management Skills of employees involved in Project Organisation, designing Individual Coaching Tracks, and most recently we worked together with one of our Divisional Management Teams on an inspirational Personal Leadership Program offering the journey to learn about HemiSync, Biofeedback, and what it can do for us to deal with emotions and stress situations. It really had a very positive impact, both on the individuals as well as the team spirit. Cris is a great, trustworthy partner to work with. I can recommend the experience.
Pascale Penne
Pascale Penne, VP HR Atlas Copco
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