Biography Sven Van Cleemput

Sven is a professional certified coach that uses the outdoors to help individuals grow and bring groups together. Through his experience as a high level judo athlete, rock climber and mountaineer, he has built a profound understanding of the mind in stressful situations. He has a way of connecting to people that creates an environment of trust. Participants feel safe and experience Sven as a serene, confident and professional coach.Helping others to grow has always been a source of joy. To create a safe environment for individuals to grow, he co-founded Toastmasters Grenoble at the age of 25 where he held the president position for 2 consecutive years. He has trained and coached in communication, stress and leadership. He has experience as a ski and outdoor instructor, canyoning guide and has taught over 100 individuals how to safely climb steep vertical rock faces.

Inspired by helping young adults find their way, he wrote a book titled “learning through life; a guidebook for using your brain” in 2015 (age 27). In this book he talks about the learning mindset, tools and technologies to improve one’s brain performance and how to apply that mindset into everyday life.

As a teenager, Sven was awarded the second degree black belt in Judo. He achieved a master’s degree in physical education and movement sciences with a major in sports training and coaching and a second specialization in rock climbing. (Ghent University). He is also a level A Judo trainer, lifeguard, rock-climbing instructor, officially recognized KVB4 evaluator and canyoning instructor.

He graduated with honors in Paris as a certified coach at the “Haute Ecole de Coaching” and studied NLP with its co-founder Richard Bandler in London.

Already from the age of 16, the main thread in Sven’s life has always been about the possibilities of human potential. Developing tools to expand potential and helping others on their path is where his heart lies. Passionate about mind-expanding technologies, his knowledge of the human body and understanding of the mind reunite in the use of biofeedback where changes in mindset become a measurable result.

Today, Sven divides his time between Belgium and the French Alps where he continues to enjoy spending time in the breathtaking mountains.