Biography Peter Samijn

Peter is a leader and entrepreneur with a special love for projects related to strategy and organization change, and with emphasis for their impact on people. Personal leadership, interpersonal skills and the way people interact always come up as critical success factors when deep change is at hand.

After his Masters degree in Electromechanical Engineering (Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics, du Bâtiment et de l’Industrie in Paris) and his MBA (HEC School of Management in Paris), Peter lead such projects in roles ranging from consultant to staff management and line management.

He has been a shareholder, board member  and CEO in several SMEs for the past 15 years. The shareholder and board functions still remain.

As a CEO at Crown-Baele, he turned an ailing machine maker into a growing company, supplying engineering projects, spare parts and services to the biggest bottling companies in the world, including Heineken, AB Inbev, Coca Cola, Danone”¦

At AT.Kearney, he gained experience in board-level consulting and helped major companies in FMCG, Automotive and Telecom to sharpen their organizations.

During his 12 years at Philips, he held 4 management positions across Europe and Asia. All 4 were about introducing change in organizations that needed a fresh view, a new lease of life. As a Vice President of Philips Components and CEO of a 300mio¢ę Business Unit, he supplied CD and DVD technology to major players in the Gaming, Premium Audio, Juke box and Audio/Video markets. He managed factories and sales offices across the world, and transformed what was still a rather internally-focused production organization into a market driven supplier of Data Storage technology (including to the Xbox platform).

Peter regularly takes up positions of Interim Management and Consultancy on Organisational Efficiency.

He is also a visiting Professor at University of Leuven, Belgium.

Peter knows how to bring insights and lead change without raising undue defence mechanisms: his easy going style and humour are helpful there.

Peter is fluent in Dutch, French, English and good in German.