Successful Project Management

Training Excellence emphasising project-management skills

Working with a shifting team on new products, delivery systems, launches, and the like, an efficient and effective project has to have a clear project leader, project members, and project structure. We developed a successful workshop that trains you on how to:

How to best guide and inspire people.

How to be the power of influence and inspire people to voluntarily give their best.

How to manage conflicts and enjoy successful relationships.

How to command and coach as a Project Manager.

How to give criticism wisely, that leads to correction.

The ‘How to Work Better in Projects’ Workshop is based on a decade of experience in project environments, including multinationals such as Alcatel – Lucent, Johnson & Johnson, and Tibotec. Cyres also has extensive experience in international integration projects, increasing effective collaboration between nationalities and cultures.

Workshop. In 3 focused days, you’ll get exposed to only those things that are actually working. No distractions.


Day 1

Introduction to project structures that work for All
How to define and communicate roles and responsibilities for clarity and trust
How to improve effective communication

Learning techniques to ensure that forced change is easier and integrated quicker
Insights into influences on team dynamics and learning to work better in teams


Day 2

How to effectively lead
How to work best with a multicultural team
How to be the power of influence in meetings
Insights into game playing / politics and how to turn them to the team’s success


Day 3

Insights into types of conflict
How to transform conflict
How to offer challenging feedback in a positive way
How to solve conflict with non-violent communication: jackal and giraffe behaviour

Can also be facilitiated with Coaching for Individuals or Groups

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