Strengthening Resilience

We live in times that are fast paced, demanding and with lots of uncertainty.  Developing internal poise and balance so you can be a beacon of inspiration and calmness is key.

Building Resilience is about this.

In this workshop we focus on how we build this resilience in ourselves.

Resilience has a physical component to it and a mental component, hence literature talks about physical and mental resilience.

We focus on the following topics:

  • Difference between resilience, mental toughness and personal mastery
  • Ways to increase physical resilience
    • Sleep Science and the importance of deep sleep
    • An energized body needs to have a proper water balance at cellular level
    • Nutrition and the importance the PH level of the different parts of your body
    • Physical training and the power of HIT training
    • Body intelligence and how the body has a specific sequence to protect certain functions / organs during malfunction

  • Ways to increase mental resilience
    • The importance of energy management
    • Self-confidence and how to increase it
    • Mind setting and neuro science
    • The conscious and subconscious mind and how they work together
    • Addiction to known behavior and how to change it
    • Neuroplasticity and how to increase it

  • How brainwave technology can enhance repatterning of the mind
    • Relaxation states
    • Learning states
    • Class room experiences